RUSH at Anchor. Circa Early 1950s. Courtesy of Joseph Koye (1930-1984)
RUSH at Anchor. Circa Early 1950s. Courtesy of Joseph Koye (1930-1984)

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CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHS!! Please send CDs or Thumb Drives or DVDs containing digital images of your photographs from our REUNION 2013, Charleston, South Carolina. The webmaster will post the photos and return, as desired, items sent to him.

The USS William R Rush Association election cycle results are: PRESIDENT - Jim Hocking, VICE PRESIDENT - Norm Porterfield, SECRETARY - Bob Mays, TREASURER - Dennis Knoerzer and Jim Hocking. Regarding the Co-Treasurers, not sure if that means a tie, a slow turnover, or if there will be a run-off election. Guess we will find out in the next RUSH GRAM Newsletter.

The site of REUNION 2015, by a slight margin, was the BALTIMORE / ANNAPOLIS area.

The webmaster hopes that each and every one of you have a successful, fruitful, healthful 2014. Keep your fingers crossed! Maybe this new year will be better than the last two.

Please remember, if you have ADOBE READER on your computer and you haven an EMAIL address, to contact Jim Hocking. He will be happy to add you to the email distribution list for the RUSH GRAM. Norm Porterfield will be happy to lick one less stamp and stuff one less envelope!

Members are encouraged to provide articles for publication in our newsletter, the RUSH GRAM. Any one who would like to contribute an article, small or large, please contact Jim Hocking.

When you notice an error with something on the website, please let me know! Yo, Mr. Editor: The proper spelling for the word meaning "a period of ten years" is DECADE not DECAD!!! OOPS!! THANKS!!

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