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7 January to 19 June, 1951

The USS WILLIAM R. RUSH (DD-714) commanded by Commander H.S. Hamlin, Jr., US Navy departed Newport, Rhode Island on 3 January 1951 in company with Destroyer Division 81 under command of Captain E.S. von Kleeck Jr., US Navy, Commander Destroyer Squadron 8 for duty with U.N. forces in the Far East against aggressors in Korea. Enroute very brief stops were made in Panama, Pearl Harbor, Midway Island and at Sasebo, Japan on 3 February where RUSH remained overnight for logistics. She departed Sasebo on 4 February to join Task Force 77 (Fast Carrier Task Force). On 5 February rendezvous with T.F. 77 was effected and thus began the active participation of the RUSH in the Korean campaign. The RUSH remained at sea continously until 2 March 1951.

During this period she operated primarily with the fast carrier Task Force with the added mission of firing on enemy held railroad areas at Yongdae Gap on the night of 6-7 February with excellent results. This was the first time the RUSH had fired shots at an enemy since she was built.

On 2 March the RUSH arrived at Yokosuka, Japan for much needed upkeep, repairs and recreation. On 17 March the RUSH departed Yokosuka in company with Destroyer Division 81 for the east coast of Korea and joined up with T.F. 77 on 19 March.

During the ensuing period until 14 May the RUSH carried out normal duties connected with Fast Carrier Task Force operations, including the sinking of three floating mines that were adrift in the areas traversed by the Task force.

On 14 April a different type of operation began under Commander Task Force 72, our own Squadron Commander. This duty was primarily patrol duty off Formosa and the coast of China to prevent probable invasion forces from crossing the China Sea and overrunning Formosa. During this period escort missions for British Empire troops were carried out. Some recreation was obtained by short visits to Hong Kong, B.C.C. and Keelung, Formosa.

The ship was relieved of Formosa Patrol duties by other ships on 20 April and arrived at Sasebo, Japan 21 May in company with the rest of the Destroyer Division. Badly needed repairs and logistics as well as recreation were obtained at Sasebo.

On 29 May the RUSH departed Sasebo as a unit of Task Force 95 and arrived off the east coast of Korea on 30 May. The RUSH was assigned duries as the bombline destroyer off the front lines and operated vigorously in direct support of U.N. troops ashore. Bombardments were conducted on 33 separate occasions expending hundreds of rounds of ammunition on various targets such as towns, bridges, bivouac areas, railroads, motorized transport, direct support of troops and interdiction firing. On two occasions the RUSH assisted friendly troops to escape "miniature Dunkerques" from the beaches into sampans and junks when the troops were overwhelmed by larger forces. This was possible as a result of accurate and heavy fire into the enemy ranks. The enemy was forced to retire inland. On those occasions the RUSH treated many badly wounded troops who were evacuated. On the night of 6-7 June the RUSH had targets assigned to assist friendly troops repulsing a large enemy attack on the front lines. The devastating and accurate fire delivered brought praises from all quarters. It is said that when communist troops leave their rice behind they are really in a hurry. That particular night they left everything behind. The firing at times was as close as 150 yards from our own troops. The efforts of the RUSH produced such spectacular results that the Commanding General of the 11th ROK Division, Brigadier General Oh Duk Jun, at his own request, came aboard and presented the ship with scrolled citations from the 13th Regiment and 11th Division Commanders. This ceremony took place on board ship off shore at the front lines.

On 13 June 1951 the RUSH completed her duties in the Far East and about 17 June sailed with her division back to the United States via the Suez Canal, thus completing a trip around the world.

(Submitted by: William "Bill" Hammen, EM2/c,1950-51)


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The picture above was taken close to shore off the Korean coast.
ROK Brigadier General Oh Duk Jun 13th Regiment
(Commanding ROK 11th Division) is seen being piped aboard to present CITATION!
Circa: June 9, 1951
(Photo:J. Kelly)

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Korean Citation

Plan of the Day 6/10/51


Subject: Re: Gunline, Korea
From: Jim Saunders

Hi George: Yes, I was aboard the Rush during that whole cruise. I remember backing up the river to get 50 Army who were cut off. Hell of a Skipper! Harold Hamlin! I'd go with him anywhere and damn near did! Jim Saunders


Subject: Re: Gunline, Korea
From: Norm Shaw

I was on board when we were patrolling the Formosa Straight. I remember taking spotters over on our Captains Gig and going ashore to get the spotters to their respective places. If I remember right, the spotters were picked up from the Big Mo. We were patrolling when the destroyer that was supposed to relieve us hit a mine (I don't remember the name of the destroyer that hit the mine) and we had to stay until they were able to get us relief, which meant we stayed for another 45 days. Norm Shaw


Subject: Re: Gunline, Korea
From: Bill Hammen

George,I was on board during the time you are looking for, I do not have any pictures, but I have 2 papers you may be interesed in and I will send them to you by snail mail, hope they are useful. Bill Hammen


Subject: Re: Gunline, Korea
From: Tony Esposito

Hi all; I have lots of stuff from korea, plan of the day and stuff. Who do i send it to? Also free mail from the Rush and stamps.

* Tony passed away June 26, 2002 *


Subject: Re: Gunline, Korea
From: Houston Milstead

Hi George,
Yes I was on the W. R. RUSH DD714 while she was in KOREA as was my brother John Farish Milstead, we was both seamans in first div., deck dept. There was three BM by the name of Simmons, Martin & Thomas. My brother and I was in Sasebo Japan waiting for the RUSH to arrive from the states as we had been assigned to her in late 1950. We came aboard the day she arrived in Sasebo and stayed on board until she was decommissioned on Dec.12 1951 in Boston Navy Yard.
George, I think this is great about the KOREA UPDATES. This will add to one of the best ships SITES around. GOTTA GO FOR NOW.


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Subject: Re: Gunline, Korea // reply 1/9/01
From: Skbcmb@aol.com

Hi George: This is Stan Bridges, I have told you in the past that I was on the Bomb Line on the W.R.Rush DD714 for about 6 mos. I have replied to someone on the mail list but not lately. I do have the old letters that I sent to my wife and at present writing my life story for my family. I have finished the first stage of memories of WW2 and am starting on the Korean Conflict.. I do have photo's that were taken when the ROK general came aboard and awarded us with a Korean citation with honors. Will try to get back to the originator of this request soon.
Your friend, Stan skbcmb@aol.com


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