June 9, 1951
From: Col. Chae Suk Yong,
Commanding 13th Infantry Regiment
11th Division
Army of the Republic of Korea.

To: U.S.S. William R. Rush (DD-714)

Your ship has come to the Republic of Korea in the sacred cause of keeping the peace of the world, and it has served that cause bravely.

Our 13th Regiment, of the 11th Division, took over the front-line position at the East coast of Korea on May 30th 1951. Since that time your heavy and accurate fire on enemy forces, day and night, has brought complete frustration to the enemy's plans for a spring offensive and has inflicted heavy casualties.

In particular, on the night of June 7th at about 2000 an enemy force of about one regiment of North Koreans attacked our regiment position. Largely through the aid of your powerful bombardment, we were able to rout the enemy completely, and advance to a more favorable position.

Such stalwart help will linger in glorious memory - not only in our Regimental history, but in the whole history of our Republic.

This testimonial is rendered to you in praise of your glorious achievement.

(Submitted by: William "Bill" Hammen, EM2/c,1950-51)

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