In Memoriam
To our fallen shipmates

(by - Franklin Lee Stevenson)

There is a tower of strength
For you and me...
'Tis that which we call faith
And as the sea
Oft dashes on the rocks
To no avail
So storms may come to us,
But in the gale
We lean upon that faith
And soon once more
We see a beacon light...
It is the shore.


goldstar.gif William Rees Rush 9/19/1857-10/2/1940 (Photo)


Our RUSH Shipmates "In Memoriam":

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goldstar.gifStanley Adaszkiewicz, BMC, 1948-49 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifSam Agostini, Jr., RM3, USN, 1953-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJoseph F. Alaskey, BT3, 1966-69 (Photo)

goldstar.gifPhillip H. Allenbaugh, FN, 1961-63 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gif Raymond C. Allison, SFP3, 1963-1966 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRichard W. Alman, EMFN, 1954-1955 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJoe Ambrose, SN, 1959-1960

goldstar.gifRD1 Donald Anderson, USN, Ret., 1958-1959

goldstar.gifRaymond G. Andersen, FC3/c, 1945-46 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifDavid A. Anderson, FT, 1959 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn S. Anderson, BT1, 1960-61 (Photo)

goldstar.gifEdward E. Andrews, GMG3, 1954-1956 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifLtjg. Joseph C. Bakos, USN, 1949-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gifFranklin Barnes, SF2, 1956-1957

goldstar.gifCDR John Barnes, USN, Ret., XO 1956-1958

goldstar.gifLCDR James H. Barr, XO 1960-1963 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCamille J. Bartlett (No Information Available) (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifMaurice J. Bartlett, (RDSN), USN, 1953-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLtjg Walter J. Bass, USNR, 1955-1956 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDonald M. Beatty, DC3, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifTom Bedford, GMG1, 1960-1964 (Photo)

goldstar.gifHTCM William R. Behm, USN, Ret, 1960-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gif RMC Raymond E. Bill, 1970s (Photo)

goldstar.gifVincent S. Bimber, (SM1), 1952-1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLtjg Robert B. Bircher, USN, 1945 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJoseph A. Bisogno, (FT3) 1950-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifMartin C. Blake, (MM2), 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifWilbur W. Blough, (SO2), 1952-53 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLeonard J. Bly, FTG, 1966-67 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifA. J. Bolanowski, 1949-51 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJames E. Bonesteel, (GMSN), 1965-67 (Photo)

goldstar.gifGeorge W. Bonta, YN3, 1962-1964 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLtjg. Walter Bradish, USN, 1949-51 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifOSC John W. Brenton, USN, 1952-54 (Plank Owner) (Photo)

goldstar.gifJames T. "Tom" Brown, EM2, 1945-46 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJohn T. Brown, (no info) (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifMMCS Louis R. Brush, USN, 1958-61 (Photo)

goldstar.gifFTGC Fred Buchalla,, 1977 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifNicholas A. Bucor, BM3, USN, 1959-60 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert Burnett, TMC, Ret., 1949-1950 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCharles A. "Buddy" Burst, EM3, early 1950s (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifGeorge Everett Burt, BM2, 1965-1967 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn P. Bury, SOG3, USN, 1959-1960 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Buttacavoli, BM, 1959-1961 (Photo)

goldstar.gifHarry Lee Cain, Commisioning Crew (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifAlvin Cameron, BM2, 1950

goldstar.gifJames M. Cannon, BMSN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifArthur Carleton, EM2, USN, Ret., 1948-1952

goldstar.gifRex P. Cave, MM3, USN, 1953-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDane P. Chaika, SHB3, 1966-1969 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert F. Charette, SN, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCAPT. Frederick A. Chenault, CO, 1946-1948 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifTed Chisolm, FN, 1952-1954, DDR-714 Plank Owner

goldstar.gifRoy S. Christopher, SN, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifBMC Bernie L. Clark, USN, 1970 (Photo)

goldstar.gifVernon Clark, BMG3, 1950-1952

goldstar.gifWilliam Paul Clark, SN, 1953 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCurtis W. Coffman, RD3, 1953-1954 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEd Colford, (S1/c) 1945-1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifPaul Collins, BT2, 1957-1960

goldstar.gifGarry Cottingame, SN, 1961-1964

goldstar.gifThomas Lovejoy Crapson, ET2, 1956-1959 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCharles "Chuck" E. Crawford, MM2, 1952-1955 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLCDR Howard Crego, USN, Ret., DCA, 1968-1969

goldstar.gifLeonard J. Crosby, SI, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLT. Charles H. Cross, (SC), USN, Supply Officer, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCharles Cummings, RDSN, 1947-1949 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJerry R. Cunningham, SM, 1959-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gif John F. Cunningham, EM2/c, 1947-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gif John E. Curly, SN, 1953 (Photo Not Available)

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goldstar.gif George W. Deane, SH3, 1958-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gif GMGC Robert Ormond Dixon, USN, Ret., 1947-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJames Dodson, 1945-1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJohn Doggett, EM, 1964-1965 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJohn Dolan, RD3, 1965-1967 (Photo)

goldstar.gif Edward J. Duffy, SN, 1962-1965 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJames R. Duncan, RM3, 1949-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifDavid Dunn, RMC, 1960-1961 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJoseph Dupont, STG3, 1968-1969

goldstar.gifJoseph Duran, SN, 1953

goldstar.gifMMCS Elmer W. Durham, USN, 1962-1965 (Photo)

goldstar.gifKenneth G. Dye, MM2, 1968-1969 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCapt Thomas E. Dyer, USN, (USNA 1957) CO 1971-1972 (Photo)

goldstar.gifFred C. Eckhardt, MM, 1952-1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJerry Edge, S1/c, 1950-1951, Korean War Era

goldstar.gifRobert E. Elder, BMG1, 1950-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gifClayton Ellis, EM3, 1954-1956

goldstar.gifRobert R. Engel, GM1, 1950-1952 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLeonard Ennico, HONORARY (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifBTC Anthony A. Esposito, 1947-1952 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifRobert W. Farrar, RM3, 1960-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gifEMC William H. Fasick, USN, 1959-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gifEdmund L. Ferree, S1/c, 1945-1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifENC John L. Firnstahl, USN, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifGary Fisher, FTG3, 1962-1966 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCharles W. Fitch Jr., GMT, 1972-1974

goldstar.gifOscar D. Foskey, BT3, 1949-51 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifAlbert A. Founier, MM, 1946-47 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifKenneth C. Fox, BM2, USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDonald Francis, RD, 1966-67 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifADM Mason B. Freeman, USN, (USNA 1935) 1948-49 (Photo)

goldstar.gifClarence F. Freese, GM3, 1950-51 (Photo)

goldstar.gifTheodore Fruitiger, ENS, Electronics Officer, 1954-1955

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goldstar.gifFT(B)C (SS) Charles A. Gallagher, USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifWilliam F. "Billy" Gaul, BMSN, 1965-1967 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCAPT James F. Gavin, USNR, CO, 1958-60 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRussel J. Geeting, CS3, 1953-56 (Photo)

goldstar.gifGunther G. Gerken, GM3, USN, 1953-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCarl Gibson, GMG3, 1961-1962 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEns James S. Gillen, USN, 1945-46 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifStuart G. Glass, ET, 1956-1959 (Photo)

goldstar.gifMMCM Harold L. Glenn, USN,1969-73 (Photo)

goldstar.gifPeter Goggin, SFFN, 1967-68 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJames T. "Jim" Golden, SOG2, 1952-1955 (Photo)

goldstar.gifArthur F. Graf, BT3, 1971-1974 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifBTC John B. Green, 1952-1957 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn P. Greenwood, SKG2, Plank Owner, 1945-1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifAllen Gross, SH, 1954-1957 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifPaul Gross, S2/c, 1946-1947

goldstar.gifEddie Guignet, MM2, 1967-1969

goldstar.gifWilfred J. Hahn, LTJG, 1954-1956 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR Erwin G. Haigis, Jr., USN, 1969-1971 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR James N. Hall, USNR, (USNA 1953), 1955-1956 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert Hall, RM3, 1945-1946, Original Plank Owner

goldstar.gifStephen J. Hall, HM, 1950-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCapt Harold S. Hamlin, USN (USNA 1938), CO, 1950-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJames G. Hardy, GM1, 1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJohn David "Chip" Harris, YN2, 1968-1970 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJoseph L. "Lenny" Harris, SoM3/c, 1945 (Photo)

goldstar.gifAndrew Hawrylow, UNK, 1974-75 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gif Everett P. “Yogie” Hebert, EN3, 1964-1966 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Heembrock, SN, 1960-1962 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJohn S. Heinle, MM2, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gif HMC Alfred W. Henke, USN, Ret., 1954-1957 (Photo)

goldstar.gifArnie Hice, YNC, USN, Ret., 1952-1954

goldstar.gifJoseph J. Hill, ABH1, 1952-1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLT. Richard T. Hill, USN, 1969-71 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Hunn Hillyard, MM3, Years Onbd Circa 1963 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRMC Ronald O. Hilton, Med Cruise 1966 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCAPT Arthur J. Hodder, USN, Ret., Commanding Officer, 1963-1964

goldstar.gif Frederick W. Hoffman, BT1, 1952-1959 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCAPT Herbert S. Holland, Jr., USN, Ret., XO, 1952-1954

goldstar.gif George J. Hopf, Jr., IC3, 1953-1957 (Photo)

goldstar.gifBMC Arthur S. Hull, USN, Ret, 1952-57 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRalph Hurst, RD2, 1961-1964

goldstar.gifRobert Huston, BM3, 1946-51 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifFrancis "Frank" Hutton, Sr., EM, 1952-1955, DDR-714 Plank Owner (Photo)

goldstar.gifBTC Donald M. Ireland, USN, 1945-46 (Photo)

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goldstar.gifSKC Arthur Jelinski, USN, 1947-48 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifAlbert Jensen, MMC, 1945-1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifLT John B. Jessup, USN, Ret., 1945 DD-714 Plank Owner (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCDR Kenneth J. Johnson, (LT onbd.) 1952-1953

goldstar.gifS1/c Earl W. Johnston, USN, 1946-48 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifBobby Jones, RM3, USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert F. Jones, SR, Dates Unknown, (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifMMCS David Joslin, USN, Ret., (MM2 when onboard), 1967-1970

goldstar.gifHayden Justus, EM2, 1964-1967 (Photo)

goldstar.gifStanley L. Kazlouskas, MM3, 1967-1968

goldstar.gifJohn Kellerman, FC2/c, 1945-1946

goldstar.gifWilliam Edward Kenney, RM, 1944-1945 (Photo)

goldstar.gifYN1 Nicholas Kilgore, USN, Ret., 1946-1948 (Photo)

goldstar.gifTheodore Komowski, 1950-1951, Korean War Era Veteran

goldstar.gifAlbin "Abbie" Kowalewski, S1/C, 1945-1946, PLANK OWNER, (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifSelem D. Lake, SN, 1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert Lallement, SO, 1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gif BMC Jack LaLonde, USN, Ret., 1953-1957 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLarry L. Lamb, GM3, 1955-56 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLynn J. Lambert, YN3, 1972-74 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifGeorge Lang, BMC, 1949-50 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifDonald M. Latimer, SN, 1946-1948 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEdward C. Lau, YN2, 1948-50 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEd Laur, PF2, 1952-1954

goldstar.gifMMC William G. Lawson, 1949-51 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifRichard H. Leaman, BKR2, 1945-47 (Photo)

goldstar.gifWilliam A. Lee, BM, 1947-1952

goldstar.gifJohn Lees, LTJG, 1959-1962

goldstar.gifSidney Lemon, RD3, 1963-64 (Photo)

goldstar.gif Bernard J. Lescavage, FC3/c, 1950-1952 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDonald Letson, MM2 1964-67 (Photo)

goldstar.gif F. Lee Lewis, FC3/c, 1952-1954, DDR-714 Plank Owner (Photo)

goldstar.gif Frederick W. Liedtke, BM3, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifHarvey M. Locke, CS3, USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert T. Logan (Info Not Available, Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gif BTCS John W Lonergan, USN, Ret., 1954-1960 (Photo)

goldstar.gifWilliam F. Lovern, SN, USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJim Luke, BMSN, 1959-1961

goldstar.gifWilliam "Bill" Lundh, FN, 1964-66 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Lundy, III, LT, 1958-1960

goldstar.gifMerle "Buddy" F. Lydic, FN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLT Daniel Lyne, USN, Operations Officer 1965-66 (Photo)

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goldstar.gifCDR Neil MacIntosh, CO, 1952-1954, Korean War Era Vet.

goldstar.gifEdward W. Magriby, BMSN, 1952-53 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDallas Majors, EM1, 1964-67 (Photo)

goldstar.gif James R. Mallory, Sr., 1959-1960 (Photo)

J. Fred Manzi, SKSN, 1950-1952, Korean War Veteran

goldstar.gifBTCS William F. "Bill" Mason, USN, Ret., 1952-1959, DDR-714 Plank Owner (Photo)

goldstar.gifMax Gene "Geno" Mayfield, 1961-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDonald V. Mays, FTG2, 1965-1966 (Photo)

goldstar.gifSKC Richard A. McAuliffe, 1972-1973 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCAPT Audley H. McCain, 1948-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCAPT Vincent P. McDonough, USN, Ret. RD3 Onbd., Korean War Veteran

goldstar.gifWilliam McGinty, RM, 1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifRonald McMillian, 1958-1962

goldstar.gifClyde McNeish, 1948-51 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifGale E. Measel, EN3, 1946-1947 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCarlos Mejia, RM, Circa 1972 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifHarlan R. Menasco, MM3, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifHarold E. Meres, GMG3, 1970-1973 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCharles "Ted" Merkle, FT3, 1946-48 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEdward Michalski, GM, 1946-1947

goldstar.gifGeorge E. Middleton, FN, 1947-49 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gif EM1 William D. Mims, USN, Ret., EM2, 1973 (Photo not available.)

goldstar.gifDavid Minter, ET, 1946-1949

goldstar.gifArthur J. Mittnacht, (RM3), USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert Mominee, UNK, 1945-46 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEdwin L. Monch, RM3, 1952-1955 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Monk, FN, 1958-1959

goldstar.gifCDR Edward Monroe, 1964, Former CO (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifAndrew H. Moore, Engineering Dept., 1948-1952 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLTJG Ralph P. Moore, USN, 1967-1969 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifLester "Moe" Moses, EM3/c, 1950-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifRonald Mosher, PN3, 1963-1964 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJoseph Moynihan, FC2/c, 1946-1947 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifGeorge D. Munk, RMC, 1970-1973 (Photo)

goldstar.gifConway Murchison, LT, Gunnery Officer, 1962-1964

goldstar.gifLCDR Charles Neal, USN, XO 1955-1956 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Nelson, LTJG, 1953-1956

goldstar.gifErnest Neptune, RD3, 1950-1952, Korean War Veteran

goldstar.gifLowell M. Newcomb, BM1, 1952-1956 (Photo)

goldstar.gifHoward Nichols, CIC Officer, 1953

goldstar.gifGerhard Nundahl, 1954-1955

goldstar.gifSMC James A. O'Connor, USN, 1970-1972 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLee M. Oldenburg, HMSN, 1954-1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLloyd E. "Ole" Oleson, MM3, 1949-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifRobert E. Oney, SF3, 1968-1969 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifBMCM Michael Oranczek, USN, 1957-1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJoseph M. Orlando, BM2, USN, 1952-1954 (Photo)

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goldstar.gifRichard Pagliarina, MM2, Around 1954-1957 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLT Frank Parra, 1954 (PHOTO)

goldstar.gif GMG1 Maxie Earl Pate, USN, Ret., 1964-1966 (Photo)

goldstar.gifPhillip Penick, BM3, 1948-1952

goldstar.gifAlfred F. Perry, SH1, 1952 (Photo)

goldstar.gifEdmond S. Pieniazek, (SN), 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRudolph Poljanec, BMC, 1952-1953 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifBTCS John T. Powers, 1974-1975 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCAPT Charles S. Quinn, USN, Ret., Commanding Officer, 1954-1956

goldstar.gifCharles G. Ray, Jr., DC3, 1949-50 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCharles "Chuck" T. Reiter, RD2, 1958-62 (Photo)

goldstar.gifHerman R. Reynolds, BM1, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLCDR Albert A. Richards, USN, XO 1945 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRalph Ricketts, Jr., SK2, 1951-1953

goldstar.gifJames H. "Herb" Riggs, 1951-1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gif Albert B. Rittenhouse, Jr. SOSN, 1952-1955, DDR-714 Plank Owner (Photo)

goldstar.gifDuran E. Robbins, 1947-51 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLt. George A. Roberts, YNC, 1945 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifHerman V. Roberts, SN, 1955 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJack I. Roberts, EN3, 1947-51 (Photo)

goldstar.gifKarl L. Rosencrants, (BTFN), 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifPhil Ruppel, GM3/c, 1954-56 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJohn D. Russe, EM2, About 1965-1969 (Photo)

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goldstar.gifDavid G. Sams, RD/SO3, 1949-52 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifLtjg Stanley Saulson, USN, 1953-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gif James M. Saunders, BM3, 1950-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gifGeorge P. Scales, 1968-1970 (Photo)

goldstar.gif Andy J. Scopelliti, EM3, 1954-1956, Korean War Veteran (Photo)

goldstar.gifJames T. Sennett, BM3, 1953-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCAPT Charles P. Sheppard, USN, CO, 1956-1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifPhillip B. "Bruce" Sherwood, RM3, 1960-1961 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRussell E. Shipman, Vietnam Era (1965-1966) (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifEdwin G. Simmonds, DC3, 1960-1961 (Photo)

goldstar.gifSteven Sisk, IC3, 1968-1969

goldstar.gifThomas F. Skadsberg, SN, 1970-1971 (Photo)

goldstar.gif Calvin E. Smithson, MM, 1960-1962 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLawrence A. Somers, RD3, USN, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Bernard Sotak, ET1, 1953-1956

goldstar.gifGordon S. "Speedy" Sprague, SH3, 1954-1957

goldstar.gifRichard W. "Squeak" Squires, Korean War Era

goldstar.gifRichard Starkey, CS, 1947-1950

goldstar.gifFrank J. Stec, GM1/C, 1945-1946 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifWilfred E. Stenzel, HM3, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifMiles R. Stone, MM3, 1952-1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifFrederick T. "Fred" Strachan, STG3, 1967-1968

goldstar.gifJack Strickland, LT, 1949-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifCDR Florence M. "SPIKE" Sullivan, USN, CO, 1970-1971 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Tait, BMC, USN, Ret., 1952-1960

goldstar.gifRichard J. Tanski, PHM, 1945-1946 (Original Plank Owner) (Photo)

goldstar.gifAlbert A. Teer, BT1, 1959-1961 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCarl Tellor, EM3, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRaymond Tennell, SM1, 1960-1962

goldstar.gifBMC S. Ray Thalmueller, USN, 1959-1961 (Photo)

goldstar.gifAntone F. Thatcher, SN, 1955 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDavid Timmons, MM, 1957-1959 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR Jack E. Tingle, (USNA 1944), USN, 1962-1963 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJoe B. Travis, FN, 1949(Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifNicholas Trofemuk, GMC, 1948-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifHMC Henry B. Trojan, USN, 1952-53 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCharfles Twining, YN, 1946-47 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifRoger "Cager" Udelhoffen, SN, 1959-1960 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJames H. Ulmen, RM3, 1953 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJames L. Upperman, GM1, 1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR Joseph D. Usina, USN Ret., 1959-1961 (Photo)

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goldstar.gifJohn "Jack" Vanden Heuvel, SO3, 1950-51 (Photo)

goldstar.gif Ernest D. VanDeusen, SN, 1952-1954 (Photo)

goldstar.gifGeorge A. Vasiliauskas, LT, Operations Officer, 1968-1971 (Seeking Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR Pierre H. Vining, USN, 1960-62 (Photo)

goldstar.gifLT Harry Anderson Voeth, USN (Photo from 1957)

goldstar.gifRADM Theodore R. Vogeley, USN (USNA 1933), CO, 1945-46 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRichard Voller, BRC, 1947-1951 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifJoe Wate, (USNA '60), Gunnery & Ops Officer, 1962-1964

goldstar.gifDonald Wallace (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifWilliam Wallace, RD3, 1959-1961

goldstar.gifVincent A. Walsh, MM3, USN, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifWarren Ward, GM2, 1952-56 (Photo)

goldstar.gifBurnet "Fred" Lewis Waring, S1/c (SM), 1945-1946, DDR-714 Plank Owner (Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR Leo B. Warring, USN, 1965-66 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCharles M. Waterhouse, FN, 1962-1963 (Photo)

goldstar.gifPaul Webster, QM, 1948 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifThomas H. Wendt, DCC, 1948-1950 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifLCDR Grover C. White, Jr., USN, XO & CO, 1964 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCharles A. Whittacre, QM3, 1952-54 (Photo)

goldstar.gifDennis W. Williams, SO2, 1955-1958 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJohn Williams, MM1, 1963 (Photo)

goldstar.gifCDR Dennis K. Wilson, (USNA 1958), USN, 1976-78 (Photo)

goldstar.gif ENC Donald P. Witham, 1948-1951 (Photo)

goldstar.gifRobert J. Wolmering, S1/c, 1945-46 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifArnold S Woods, MR, 1964-1965 (Photo Not Available)

goldstar.gifMichael Zennie, SN, 1970-72 (Photo)

goldstar.gifBenedykt S. Zielski, MM2, USN, 1952-55 (Photo)

goldstar.gifJeffrey Zukowski, MS, 1974-77 (Photo Not Available)

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