The reunion was held:
14-18 October 2001at Settle Inn in Branson, Missouri.


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Photos courtesy of Jim Hocking and Charley & Arlene Newbold.

There were a total of 74 ShipMates who attended along with many wives and guests. Following the pictures is a reunion wrap-up by Jim Hocking. Below that is a listing of shipmates who attended!

WEBMASTERs NOTE: One picture is worth a thousand words, so I am told. Please, if you have any pictures from the BRANSON reunion, please send them to me - DIGITAL FILES PREFERRED, but if you send a real photograph then I will scan it and return it to you.

(Jim Hocking)

It seems like only yesterday that 132 RushMates were milling about the premises at Branson's Settle Inn. And what a wonderful day yesterday was. With so much attention focused on the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, we considered calling off the reunion - briefly, and decided against any further discussion about cancellation. It was a good decision. Of the 137 RushMates who responded saying that they would attend, just two stayed home as a result of the attack.

Yes, we had a grand time in Branson, Missouri. The entire reunion went off without a hitch, thanks in part to the very capable and attentive assistance of our hostess, Ms. Sherrie Schnapp. Our facility, Settle Inn, was perfect for a reunion, with comfortable lobbies and sitting areas in each of the three buildings, and enough rooms for our entire group. Good work, Aaron Swinford and "Bugsy," our advance survey team. The hospitality room was bright and spacious, and well used, I might add. Our bar server, Marieth Cook, busted butt to keep up with the thirsty RushMates. Ron Loncar provided us with some lively polka music with his special talent on the accordion. Our own Maria Corrick and her crew kept the hospitality room well stocked with snack foods. In addition, the meals at Jack's Grill were delicious and reasonably priced.

On Monday at Noon we had our now famous Texas Bar-B-Q. The food was scrumptious and plentiful. There was a long line for seconds. Then, in the evening, 112 of those who attended the reunion filled two busses to go to Silver Dollar City for an evening dinner cruise on the famous Branson Belle paddlewheel steamboat. The show was spectacular, very appropriately patriotic. The meal was outstanding. (I tried to talk my way into the wheelhouse, but the captain claimed that there was weather ahead, and he could not be distracted . . . )

Tuesday was a more leisurely day, with RushMates relaxing in the hospitality room and attending some of the shows. A tour of the Military Museum was scheduled, which was attended by a group of 44 RushMates. Some interesting artifacts were there, including a large scale model of the USS New Jersey (BB 62) and Adolf Hitler's dog tags. That evening, we had our formal banquet. This year we moved the banquet ahead one day to allow for RushMates to wind down a full day afterwards, instead of retiring back to the rooms early while dance music was still playing. The plan worked. Who can forget Marvin and Martha Jane Dietsch doing the "ten step?" And Bill and Marie Fasick? Pete and Anni Giacapuzzi? Just about everyone was dancing away the night to the music of Williams Entertainment Agency. We even invited some interested "peekers" in from another reunion group.

Our last day for festivities was Wednesday. No formal events were planned, but the Association provided shuttle busses for RushMates to use to get around town Branson to shop or to attend shows. All in all, from beginning to end, from the wine and cheese party, to Shirley Golden's exciting and dangerous "Yankee Swap," from the ship's store ( "Bugsy's" crew of "Bones" Bonesteel, Vita and Reese Davis, and Bill Gaul) to the raffles, RushMates know how to enjoy themselves. If you missed out this time, be there for the next one. You won't regret it.

Adolf, Fred
Allison, Raymond
Bebout, George
Blauvelt, Bob (Speedy)
Boland, Charles
Bonesteel, James
Bramfeld, Art
Buglione, John
Burke, Martin
Cappella, Louis
Chisolm, Theodore
Corrick, Jim
Crockett, David
Davis, Reese
De Franco, John
Desrosiers, Henry J.
Dietsch, Marvin
Ellis, Clayton
Ellis, Robert
Ercole, Mike
Fash, Robert
Fasick, William H.
Ferree, Edmund
Foster, Reese
Gaul, Bill
Giacapuzzi, Pete
Golden, Jim
Grubb, John
Hammen, Bill
Hartman, Gary W.
Hice, Arnie
Hocking, Jim
Hudson, Felton
Hurst, Gary
Hurst, Ralph
Katz, David
Kelder, George
Kellogg, Lyle
Kendrick, Ulay
Kowalewski, Albin
LaLonde, Jack R.
Lambert, Lynn J.
Lemmons, Stanley L.
Liedtke, Frederick
Linster, Cliff
Loncar, Ron
Lonergan, John
Loy, James B.
Mallett, George F.
Manzi, Fred
Mason, William F.
McDonough, Robert
Meistrell, Marvin N.
Morey, Phillip
Morgan, James
Newbold, Charles
Newcomb, James H.
Propsner, John
Quinn, Charles
Reiman, Charles
Rhodes, Jerry
Rogers, Jay W.
Rowe, Roger F. Jr.
Royal, James (Red)
Rubay, Alexander
Simons, Charles E.
Strachan, Fred
Stone, Jerry F.
Swinford, Aaron
Swessel, Edward F.
Thweatt, Frederick W.
Wallen, Ralph
Wielepski, Alfred
Youness, Norman W.

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