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Thursday 09/22/2005 10:49 am
Name: James Kehoe
E-Mail: jimkehoe@worldnet.att.net
Subject: Yea, Wasn't that reunion just great!
Comments: That had to be the best run and most fun reunion I've attended. And having served in six ships, I've attended a few reunions. You and your volunteers did a superb job in prior planning and then executing flawlessly in Buffalo. And I want to thank you for a job well done. Bravo Zulu.

The Millennium was a top-notch venue. They did well by us - rooms, food, banquet, you name it. The people with whom I took two tours all enjoyed the experience. The General Meeting went very well, i.e. you opened it up for a good discussion about a venue for the next reunion. I think it caught you be surprise when a vast majority put up their hands to indicate they'd attend the next reunion no matter where in the country it was held.

You know my attendance was made as a respite from caregiving. Well, I arrived home relaxed, with a smile on my face. Thanks for making that possible. I hope to see you all at the next reunion.

With warm affection, Jim

Tuesday 09/27/2005 7:18 pm
Name: Frederick Strachen
E-Mail: moose@xpressamerica.net
Subject: Well Done
Comments: Hi to All of You:

Elaine and I want to thank all of you, as well as, all others that contributed to an outstanding Reunion in Buffalo. The efforts by so many, brought about the opportunity for our shipmates's family to reunite again. We appreciate everything that was accomplished, that culminated in another great reunion. We enjoyed hugging and talking with old friends, and meeting with all of the first-timers. We look forward to our next reunion. May you all enjoy happiness and good health, until we meet again. Thank you!!!

Take care,

Fred and Elaine of Maine