Robert R. Engel

GM1 onboard 1950-1952

Robert R. Engel, courtesy of the family GM1 Robert Engel, courtesy of Sandra Engel
Robert R. Engel (recently and when he was a sailor)

Sadly, Rush Association Recruiter Norm Porterfield received an email from Sandra Engel, daughter of Robert R. Engel. An excerpt of her email is quoted below:

“I am writing to you regarding the Association letter you sent to my Dad, Robert R. Engel of Bronx, NY. He was a former sailor on the USS William R. Rush from 1950 to 1952.

I am very sad to inform you that my Dad passed away unexpectedly on October 12, 2004. He died from a ruptured aneurysm on his aorta.

I'm sure he would have loved to attend future reunions in the area. He did attend the reunion in 1993 and spoke very highly of it. I will always remember some of the stories my Dad told us about that great destroyer and of his time served during World War II and Korea.

Please post the info of his passing on the website, so that his former crew members and friends may be informed.

Thank you.


Sandra Engel”

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