CDR Joseph D. Usina, USN, Ret.

Served as Executive Officer

Served onboard while a Lieutenant Commander

UsinaJD.jpg, photo courtesy of the family
CDR. Joseph D. Usina, USN, Ret.

Sadly, Rush Association Vice-President, Mike Dutton, received an email on Tuesday, September 5, 2006 from Tim Usina. Tim let Mike know about his father's passing on December 2, 2003.

The following information was included in Tim Usina's email:

usina-1.jpg, Rush CruiseBook photoJ. D. Usina; Dad retired from the US NAVY in 1967. He moved his family to Ft. Wayne, Indiana where Dad began his civilian career with ITT. Dad retired from ITT in 1981 and moved with Mom to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he worked for SunWest Banks. He retired, again, in 1990 and they moved to St. Augustine, Florida. Dad then moved back to Ft. Wayne following his Wife's passing in 1994. Dad saw two Sons and a Daughter-in-law serve in the US NAVY; one Son is now a retired Chief Petty Officer. He also has three Grandsons serving on active duty, 3rd generation Navy Men proud of their heritage; proud to serve!

In a follow-up email, Tim Usina wrote the following kind words:

Mike, this looks great.

Our family appreciates your kindness and time spent posting this information on the Rush web site.

I was able to connect Capt. Gavin and Dad via phone a couple of years before they both died. Dad said it was great to hear from him and that they shared some good memories. I remember going on-board Rush in Mayport when I was five years old. Rush was nested outboard of two other destroyers, quite a harrowing walk across the water between ships! She was a beautiful ship then. Probably the start of my desire to join the Navy!

Great memories.................. I miss Dad a lot.

Thanks again for your communications and thoughtfulness.

Tim Usina


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