John Hunn Hillyard

USS William R. Rush (DD 714) Crewmember

MM3, Onboard during Cuban Missle Crisis & 1963 Med Cruise

Hillyard.jpg, photo 1963 Cruise book.
MM3 John Hunn Hillyard

The RUSH Association webmaster received an email from Mark Hillyard asking us to include his brother, who had passed away, in the "Ship's Roster" and "In Memoraiam" pages.

In his email, Mark Hillyard let us know that his brother passed away in 1995.

Some of our crewmembers remembered John H. Hillyard and they provided the following comments:

From: Bill Enslen:

"I do remember serving with MM3 Hillyard. But I have not heard anything from him since we left the Rush. We served onboard during the Cuban Crisis and the 1963 Med Cruise."

From: Jerry Stone:

"John was an MM3. His picture is in the 1963 Med Cruise Book. If I remember correctly he was assigned to the forward engine room. I remember him as a quiet, very competent fellow. If anyone has contact with Carl Schultz, he might know more about him. I believe Carl now lives in Florida. I left the ship in January of 1964 soon after we returned from the Med."


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