Dallas Majors, EM1

Served onboard USS RUSH


Dallas Majors, EM1 (1963)

Shipmate John Propsner requested that a photo of Dallas Majors be scanned from the 1963 Cruise Book so we could include it with his "In Memoriam" entry on the RUSH web site.


The webmaster would be pleased to make-up a more detailed "In Memoriam" page for this deceased Rushmate. If you have any photographs or information such as a story or other anecdotal information to share about Dallas Majors, please send them by email to the webmaster using this address: postmaster@williamrrush.org. If you can not send the information by email, please write to Michael R. Dutton, 1084 Strauss Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23454-6758 and include hardcopy photographs and stories or anecdotes. Any materials sent in this manner will be treated with respect and will be returned to the sender.