Wilfred J. Hahn, LTJG

Served onboard USS RUSH


ENS Wilfred Jerome Hahn (Circa 1954)

One of Wilfred J. Hahn's sons, David, found our web site. In a LOG BOOK post and in an email to our webmaster, he provided some information and a photograph of his father. He noted that his Father passed in 1996. David said that he would look for a copy of his Father's obituary for us to post..... Our web master found Wilfred Jerome Hahan in the 1955 and 1956 Cruise Books. In 1956 he was a Lieutenant Junior Grade working in the Engineering Department.

This photograph depicts LTjg Hahn, an officer in the Engineering Department, in the 1955 Cruise Book. Information with the photograph stated that he was from Utica, New York and that he graduated from the University of Louisville in 1954. He was one of two officers running the Engineering Department. The following statement appeared in the cruise book:

With only two men to fill the boots of three during the current personnel shortage, these [Officers] of "E" Division caused the Rush to move 25,000 miles without serious casualty to the [engineering] plant. To refuel at 0400, to get four boilers on the line in a moment's notice for planegueard or lay a smoke screen, all they had to do was say the word and the snipes were ready to answer all bells. These men can be mighty proud of their engineering "E" for they lived by it through the entire Mediterranean cruise.


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