Charles Marion Waterhouse

Served onboard USS RUSH as MM3

1962 through 1963

Cuban Missile Crisis

Charles Marion Waterhouse

Linda Waterhouse Cook, sister of Charles Waterhouse, contacted our webmaster concerning her brother. Charles Marion Waterhouse was killed in a tragic accident by a drunk driver on May 14, 1963. Charles served in RUSH during the CUBAN Missile Crisis. Linda asked in her email for information, from anyone who knew her brother. The photograph of Charles, above, was provided by Linda Waterhouse Cook.

Sue Waterhouse Malicoat, also a sister of Charles, explained in an email message that her brother was best known as "Bud" or "Buddy."

Please contact the USS William R. Rush Association webmaster, if anyone reading this would like to contact Linda or Sue.

Charles W. Cook, in an email to the webmaster, explained that he had never met his Uncle Charles M. Waterhouse. He let us know that his Uncle was born in 1942, had served in RUSH from 1962 until his untimely death in an automobile accident in 1963.

Webmaster's Note: The SSDI shows that Charles M. Waterhouse was born October 28, 1941 and passed on May 14, 1963 in Virginia. It further states that his Social Security number was issued to him in Missouri.

Gary Thorson, a BT2 onboard RUSH, was a shipmate. An email message from Gary explained, ironically, that he had lent a dollar to Bud for gas money so Bud could go into town. Gary could not help but wonder if history would have been different if he had not made that loan.


The Webmaster would be pleased to make-up a more detailed "In Memoriam" page for this deceased Rushmate. If you have any additional photographs or information such as a story or other anecdotal information to share about Charles Marion Waterhouse, please send them by email to the Webmaster using this address: If you can not send the information by email, please write to Michael R. Dutton, 1084 Strauss Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23454-6758 and include hardcopy photographs and stories or anecdotes. Any materials sent in this manner will be treated with respect and will be returned to the sender.