LT George A. Vasiliauskas

Served in RUSH as Operatons Officer

1968 through 1971

LT George Vasiliauskas

The below Words of Remembrance were forwarded to our webmaster and written by Alton Fryer:

George A. Vasiliauskas of Springville, New York, passed on November 11, 2009.

George was my roommate on the ship, a wonderful mentor to me on Rush (helping me become a Fleet OOD as a Supply Officer), and he was in my wedding. During the winter of 1969-70, five of us lived in an old cottage on First Beach in Newport while the ship was in "cadre" status. Some famous parties were hosted there! He was one of the friendliest and most generous people I have ever known, and I think the men who served with him would attest to that.

George served in Rush from 1968-1971, his last job as Operations Officer. He grew up in Atlantic City, NJ, where his family emigrated from Lithuania during in WWII. His father had been in the diplomatic service there, and George was the only member of his family born in the USA . (You can imagine how difficult it was to obtain security clearances when your entire family was from what became a country from behind the "Iron Curtin"). George graduated from LaSalle College in Philadelphia with an accounting degree, and was commissioned following OCS. Following some Navy schools, he reported to Rush in 1968. He departed Rush in March, 1971, while at sea via helo, following our surveillance of the new Soviet helo carrier Lenningrad in the Eastern Med. I think he then served as an instructor at communications school. While on Rush, he married Joan Haggerty, a schoolteacher from Fall River, and they had twins, Mark and Wendy in 1972. Through another member of the wardroom, LTJG Hank Walker, George learned about a job in Springville, NY, with Bertrand Chaffee Hospital. After landing the job, he subsequently became administrator of the hospital and served there for the rest of his career. He left behind his wife Joan, two children, five grandchildren, and his sister.


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