Is Your Seabag Packed For Heaven?

Is Your Seabag Packed For Heaven?
(Author unknown)

As a shipmate and a buddy,
I would like to talk to you.
Of some real important duty,
You and I will have to do.

It concerns the getting ready,
For a trip we'll have to make.
And the packing of our seabag,
Which of course we'll have to take.

Each of us must make the trip,
Makes no difference who we are.
For God has drafted each one to go,
And the 4F's are few thus far.

Tis the trip of death I speak of,
Not a pleasant thought I know.
But someday we'll have to face it,
Then why not get packed to go?

The seabag of which I am speaking,
Is your heart down deep inside.
It is made of sin stained canvas,
With a lashing rope of pride.

What's in it is your business,
But the Skipper up above.
Someday will hold inspection,
Will he find it packed with love?

Or will it be packed with gear that's sinful,
Or that's illegal, or not G.I.?
Will it pass the censorship of judgment?
At the port up in the sky?

You may have some souvenirs or habits,
That you hate to throw away.
But will they pass the heavenly censor,
When your orders come someday?

Our seabags must all be censored,
Before we can go aboard.
The ship of death that will take us,
Up home, there to see our Lord.

We may have a mother waiting,
A sweetheart or loved one dear.
That we long to see and be with,
When our time is done down here.

When we get our discharge from this life,
And our orders have come through.
Won't it be a happy feeling,
To know, to God, we have been true.

Our orders may come as a bullet,
A disease or a heart attack.
So why not be on the lookout,
With our seabags cleaned and packed?

Yes, Mate, the bureau up in heaven,
Has our number, that we know.
If today we get our orders,
Would you be packed to go?

I do hope you will stop and think, Mate,
And get all packed and squared away.
Realizing before it is too late,
How much it will mean someday.

To have your seabag packed with good deeds,
And a knowledge of things above.
With a lot of God, Faith, Hope
Plus a large supply of love.

Our lives up there will live forever,
We will have to leave our home no more.
It will all be peace and joy eternally,
And we will never hear of war.

Is your seabag packed for heaven?
The answer is for you today.
But if it so happens that it isn't,
I hope you start packing today.

it will be a day you will long remember,
Plus a day you won't want to forget.
And your old way of life I am sure,
You'll look back upon with regret.

You say "That's all OK, Mate,
We must die I will agree.
But to live the life of a Christian,
No, I'm afraid that's not the life for me."

Well, I don't wish to argue,
And I guess there's nothing more to say.
Only I would like to help you,
In case your orders come today.

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