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Name: John Buglione, Sr.
Comments: George, You never cease to amaze me. This web page has gotten better and better since it's inception. Please keep up the great work that you have been doing. Looking forward to seeing all of my shipmates at the next reunion in Baltimore. This will be the first time I will get an opportunity to just "hang out" with my old buddies. Bugsie

Name: John B. De Franco
Comments: Looking Good

Name: Robert Jon Cox
Comments: George, I came across your page from another guestbook. Best of luck in keeping the memory of USS RUSH alive...

Name: Bob Bean
Comments: Great job on web page. Was wondering if any one knew of whereabouts of fomer shipmates Rocky Buchan and others from RDiv. during world cruise 1972.

Name: Francis A. Hutton Jr.
Comments: My father Francis A. Huuton Sr. served aboard the Rush during I believe the Korean War. He was stationed in Rhode Island. He requested I look for some of his friends that used to serve with him aboard the ship. His mailing address is: Frank Hutton 218 21st Street, Surf City, New Jersey, 08008, or you can e-mail and I can get in touch with him that much quicker. Please e-mail me at; fhutton@pacbell.net. My father loved this ship and to this day after all these years still misses the ship and his friends he served with. I look forward to hearing from someone soon !!

Name: Richard T. Wilson
Comments: I was in the Navy 1959-1962. AT2 NAS Glynco Brunswick, GA Currently working for American Medical Alert corp. Decatur, GA I enjoy your web site. Thanks for the memories, Richard Wilson

Name: Everette "Yogie" Hebert Sr.
Website: GameWardens of Vietnam
Comments: This here is the Best Darn webpage I have ever visited, I really like those scans. You have done a GREAT Job George! Keep up the good work, because you do care!and study fur dem testes

Name: Roger Lincoln
Comments: What a great home page. At every visit there is more to see. I was ICFA to IC2. On board Rush from '65 to '69.

Name: jim zagryn
Comments: For the ships roster, served aboard rush 1965 to 1967. Rate - RD. I found this home page in the last rushgram. Thanks for the forum.

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Name: Leo J. Scopino
Comments: Rush alumni (1965-1969)

Name: David Adams
Comments: NIce Page I was on the Rush 73 to 75 I would like to here from other shipmates.

Name: Dave Cyphert
Website: The Unofficial Home Page of the U.S.S. Comte DeGrasse
Comments: George, Just wanted to make my entry in your deck log, thanks for all the advice. It's nice to converse with fellow "salts". My wife really likes the diving dolphin on your "Rush" homepage. Talk to ya later. Dave

Name: Chet Ruminski
Comments: I think this page is great! When I saw the picture download, it brought back memeories. Served on Rush from 73-76 as SH2 when it was part of DESRON 28. Ran the ship's store. During sea and anchor detail, assigned to bridge as CIC phone talker. Also was phone talker in CIC during GQ. Served on USS Moale DD-693 from 72-73. Some names I remember on the Rush; SH2 Mark Matlack (Boyertown, Pa.), SK3 Patterson (Phila, Pa., I believe), SK3 Ed Cintron (Puerto Rico), SK1 Warren Faulk (Johnstown, PA), MM2 Brown (Michigan), Bill Rewa (Michigan). I have lots of pictures and patches. Hope to make it to the reunion.

Name: Chet Ruminski
Comments: I think this page is great! When I saw the picture download, I brought back memeories.

Name: Brian K Bassett
Comments: Please contact me, I was onbroad from 1976-1978

Name: Bill DeSha
Website: Bill's Home Page

Name: John B. De Franco
Comments: Hi all, have a great day John De Franco

Name: Bill DeSha
Comments: Hi George, Page is looking better and better all the time. There is just one teeny weeny littl thing I would like to see added to your most excellent site. Being a Marine, i sure would like to see some marine corps graphics added to your memories page. I'll send you some as I find them if you'll add them please. Again, congratulations on finding something useful and worthwhile to do with the net. So much of it is dribble

Name: robert f stevens jr
Comments: I looked at the list of crew, but didn't see any guys from the 1970's. my mailing address is Robert Stevens, 13379 Casey Rd, Loxahatchee, Fla 33470

Name: Harry L. Humphries Sr FTA3
Comments: It sure is good to see that the tin can sailor is alive and well. served on the Hj Ellision 1957-1959

Name: George H. Johnson
Comments: Rm3 aboard Rush 65-66. Made a Med cruise in 66. Crossing the Atlantic we made contact with a carrier while refueling, left the port anchor hanging on its side and gashed the bow pretty bad. Anyone remember that one? Looked real bad for awhile as she heeled over. Dave Jones? Brian Coyne? you out there?

Name: Ken Byxbee RM3 70-73 World Cruise
Comments: Ahoy Shipmates! Ex Sailor in distress!!!! A buddy of mine served on the USS Kennedy CVA 67 from 68 to 72 and he is looking for any info on a 30th. Anniversary Reunion???? It hasnt been listed in any of the Veterans Mags, so I was wondering iffn any of you salts might have any scuttlebutt on any reunion or organization for that vessel???? Thanks mucho!!! BYX AR

Name: Eric Young
Comments: Just wanted to say hello. I just got connected to the internet today and of course this was the first site I wanted to try to reach. I was an ASROC gunner aboard the Rush from August 1968 through March 1972. Hope to see everyone at the next reunion. Eric

Name: Frank F. Haun
Comments: USS Shelton DD-790 l957 to l960. looking for old shipmates.

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Time: 1997-03-03 09:25:00

Name: Randy Kaake
Comments: E-mail if you remember me!

Name: John P. Smith
Comments: Former Crew Member, September 1950 to March 1951

Name: Perry D. Ballinger (ET2, M C Fox DDR829 59-61
Comments: Looking for a former member if your 59-61 crew. We were in same squadron. (Fiske Fox Rush Hawkins) Name is James Haas, ET3 or 2. Don't see him in your roster. Thanks

Name: John B. De Franco
Comments: Great looking picture of the Rush John B. De Franco

Name: Nicholas DiDesidero (DIZZY)
Comments: I served on the Willy R. from 1968-1972. Departed from Kenya during world cruise. Worked in Bravo 4 under MM1 Charly Simons. Fellow buddies included Mike Dutton, Chester E. Robinette, Steven (SNUFFLES) Smith. Nick (BREWSTER SHADES) Saner. And a whole lot more. Thanks for your time.

Name: Nicholas DiDesidero (DIZZY)
Comments: Nice work

Name: Daniel Lee Justus
Comments: My dad is Hayden Lee Justus , some people call him "Sonny". He was on the USS William R. Rush during the 1960's. He does not have a computer with E-MAIL so if you want any messages forwarded to him , feel free to contact me at dlj5731@arctic.tamug.tamu.edu

Name:Craig J. MacIntosh
Comments: Wanted to see what the Rush folks were up to. My father, Neil B. MacIntosh, was a former commanding officer. He is living in Hot Springs Village Arkansas and is just days away from getting on the internet. I've told him about the Rush Home Page. I'm currently building a 1/16" model of the Rush, and thank you for the pix on your page. Cheers, C. MacIntosh

Name:Robert A. Krogstie, Jr.
Comments: STG2 USS Wm R. Rush (DD714) tour 65-70

Name: Dan Wisner
Website: Destroyer Squadron Assn.
Comments: Fin looking home page you have here. I have posted your reunion notice on our home page in hope of you finding more crew members. We hope more of your crew look at our page as well. Fair Winds & calm seas

Name: John W. Lonergan, BTCS Ret.
Comments: Came aboard Rush l954 as FA, transferred off Rush l960. Retired BTCS l974.

Name: Charles P. Smedile
Comments: Served aboard the Wm. R. Rush from June 1967 To Nov. 1968 Boatswains mate. Great expierience, I still look back fondly on my Navy days.

Name: Bob Witkowski
Comments: Checked out your site from a link from U.S.S. Gearing DD-710 site. I like your page with the clouds and taps. Hopefully will be setting up a page for our Association in the near furture. I may ask for some assistance with certain items.

Name: Timm Knoerzer
Comments: Fine job on an excellent web page. Keep up the good work and look forward to future visits

Name: Art De Villar
Comments: Superb job! - Really a great web page to visit.

Name: Bill DeSha
Comments: George, you have done a wonderful job with your home page. You have added just the right amount of meaningful content to make it actualy worth browsing. So many pages on here are completely devoid of any THEME. It's refreshing to see how you evolve.

Name: Larry Majors (Doc)
Comments: Through the internet we are all truly connected to one another.

Name: Ronald "Washy" Washburn
Comments: I think it's great to be reunited with shipmate of the Wm. R. Rush. I'm going to try to make it to the Rush reunion.

Name: Ronald "Washy" Washburn
Comments: I think it's great to be reunited with shipmate of the Wm. R. Rush. I'm going to try to make it to the Rush reunion.

Name: Everette "Yogie" Hebert
Comments: Anyone who served on Rush DD714 or in Vietnam (especially P.B.R.'s) Give me a holler. Like the man said at the cattle ranch stop by and we'll shoot the Bull. Yogie

Name: Dennis Knoerzer
Comments: Great web page. This deck log will make the page even better. Hope to see everyone at the reunion in July.

Name: George D. Munk, RMC, USN, (Ret)
Website: USS William R. Rush Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Waldo, Florida
Time: 1996-12-23 17:03:00
Comments: This has got to be the most awesome site on the Internet!

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