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The "Cruise Books on CD" project was completed many years ago, using software that is currently obsolete. But the software still works with, at least, Windows 7.

For those who remember, George Munk scanned all TWELVE cruise books, page by page, for a total of 862 scans. There are twelve slideshows, one for each of the cruise books.

There are a limited number of CDs left. They are free for the asking but I do request a small stipend of $7.00 to cover postage, packaging, and handling. The scans are all on one CD in slideshow format, with your choice of seven musical selections, in midi format. Music can be played in the background while viewing the slideshow. You can also pause, copy, or save each individual scan to your computer for your own purposes.

If you would like a CD, please contact me at the below listed address. I will send a CD to you by mail as long as I have some available (first come - first served). As previously stated, the cost $7.00 for mail. Checks or money orders are acceptable.

But why bother with the CD? You can ask me for a link and then download the files to your computer at absolutely no cost other than your time spent. If you have any questions or would like the link to download the files for free, please contact me. Again use the below contact information for questions, comments and, CRUISE BOOK CD orders or link requests for downloads:

Michael R. Dutton
1084 Strauss Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23454