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REUNION 2017, our FOURTEENTH (14th),
will be held in:


The Milwaukee skyline at night

REUNION 2017 will be held from Sunday, September 24, 2017 through Thursday, September 28, 2017, at the CROWN PLAZA Milwaukee Airport Hotel, 6401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53221. This being the time frame when the Milwaukee area and the Crown Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel can best provide us with excellent weather, amenities and the most reasonable prices.

The duration of REUNION 2017 is for five days and four nights. Check in at or after 3:00 PM on Sunday, 24 September, 2017, and check out before 11 AM on Thursday, September 28, 2017. Of course you all have the option of arriving before the 20th and leaving after the 24th. The hotel will honor our special rate for up to three days before the reunion starts and up to three days after the reunion ends.

Check back here frequently for updates.

Anyone wishing to attend the reunion is welcome. Our reunions are open to all whether or not they are members. Please use the telephone number or the special link, provided by the hotel, to reserve a room (or rooms) for the reunion.

The telephone number for the CROWN PLAZA Milwaukee Airport Hotel is 414-764-5300 or 866-663-4577. Make sure you mention your reservation is for the USS RUSH REUNION. For more information about the hotel, scroll down this page to the photograph of the hotel. Click on the photo of the hotel and the page with information about the hotel will open.

You may also use this special link to make your reservation:

CROWN PLAZA Milwaukee Airport Hotel Reservation LINK

Again an Early HOTEL Reservation Contest was conducted. The contest is now CLOSED!


All RushMates who registered a hotel room at the CROWN PLAZA Milwaukee Airport Hotel for
Reunion 2017 by Midnight, May 01, 2017, and who stay for the four nights
of the reunion, will qualify for the drawing.

Winners will be selected by drawing during our banquet at the reunion.

The prize winners must be present for the drawing and be staying at the hotel to win.


GRAND PRIZE - Your four nights hotel stay (room only) paid by the association

Runner Up Prize - One night hotel stay (room only) paid by the association.

Be sure to register early.

Check back here frequently for updates.


Select with your mouse the "Am I Registered" image above
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For more information on the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel, select the photograph above with your mouse.
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One small fee for each participant covers the Hospitality Room, the themed Buffet Meal with raffle and auction, and the Formal Banquet! Available Tours are also listed for your selection. Just fill-out the Reunion Registration Form and mail it in with your check! Then make sure you reserve your room at the hotel! To download the Reunion 2017 Registration Form (PDF Format), select the REGISTER NOW image above with your mouse. (Opens in a new Window.)


For more information on the city of Milwaukee,
select the photograph above with your mouse.


Wisconsin 2017 Reunion Pin

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information about the Reunion 2017 Itinerary & Tours!

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Check this page frequently for updated information!

RUSH GRAM newsletters 84, 85, 86 and 87 contain detailed hotel information, and other pertinent information including information about the city of Baltimore, and Tour information. The Reunion 2015 Registration Form was mailed out under seperate cover and is not yet posted here. Anyone having any questions should, please, contact any of the RUSH Association Officers. Please remember that anyone is welcome to attend our reunion. You do not have to be a member of the USS William R. Rush Association.

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We do not have a page dedicated to our very first get-together. Some of you may
remember a camping trip that sparked the idea of starting our group. That camping trip
is counted as REUNION NUMBER ONE, thus explaining why we have already had THIRTEEN reunions.
Our upcoming REUNION 2017 will then, of course, be our FOURTEENTH REUNION.

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